Designer for Change

Doug Knapton is a graphic designer who specializes in identity and web design. In his spare time, he enjoys painting, cycling, and cooking new recipes.


Design comes in many forms. There is no one way to solve a problem. Here are some design services I specialize in:

Visual Identity Design

Wanna stand out? It all starts with a killer logo, but that's just the beginning. Identity design is any communication that your organization produces. I enjoy crafting thoughtful design systems that feel inline with what your audience expects, but elevates your message so it resonates with more people.  


Data Visualization

Seeing is truly believing! Sometimes just seeing data presented in a visual ways can make us understand complex data with a blink on an eye. I enjoy dissecting super technical data and finding solutions to allow the data the tells its story. 

Print Design

Print is certainly NOT dead! Sometimes we need that tactile experience to truly digest information. I started my career at TIME Magazine where I experienced the power of editorial design and good storytelling to inform and inspire people in an increasingly digital world.

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