Legal Aid Society Annual Report

An evolution from a bespoke print report to a digital-first microsite

Print Design, Web Design
Agency: Constructive


A bespoke print report highlighting a year of impact

I created the 2018 Annual Report based on the recent brand redesign done by the Constructive team. The report is structured to demonstrative the impact in several different ways. A geographic map of all five NYC boroughs, a 2018 timeline, and several short impact stories that shaped the year. The report was received positively by all the 4 practice areas during their Legal Aid Society annual meeting.

The 2019 version of the report was a solid iteration of the previous year. We worked with the LAS team to fine tune the content process and launched an online microsite version of the print report.


2021 digital-first Annual Report

The 2021 Annual Report was a complete reimagining. Since the EOY meeting was now a virtual event, the purpose of the report was now be a digital-first document that showcase the Legal Aid’s 2021 impact, and to promote online donations. 


Several Major Benefits

We took the opportunity for the digital-first approach to transform the report from a one-off HTML microsite into a scalable and integrated solution. We built the report directly into their existing CMS which allowed us to: 

  • Reuse existing components within their UI Library to save development time and ensure brand consistency
  • Create reusable page templates that allows LAS to instantly publish future reports
  • Integrate the LAS existing donation system to seamlessly add contextual donation CTA near relevant impact stories.

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