30x30 Initiative

A new national public-safety movement to advance women in policing by 2030.

Branding, User Experience, Web Design
Agency: Constructive


A visual identity for a movement 

I lead the process of creating the identity and web design for a new initiative from NYU Law School's Policing Project called 30x30. The name comes from their goal of reaching 30% national police recruits by the year 2030. Currently, women make up only 12% of sworn officers and 3% of police leadership in the U.S.

We started with a workshop where we talked through a bunch of existing logos to gauge where they wanted to go with this brand. It became pretty clear from our initial conversations that this movement should feel like a departure from traditional masculine police iconography like badges and shields but shouldn't be overtly feminine or pandering. From that workshop, I explored design directions with a bunch of logo lockups below before settling on the logomark that turns the 'X' into a forward arrow. The idea of forward momentum was the driving force for how we extended the brand into brand guidelines and eventually the website.


Building the movement's online presence

This project was a tight deadline. We had a month for the visual branding, wireframes, visual design, and development before our hard deadline of March 25,2021 for Women's History Month so I created a super streamlined yet useful WordPress site tailored to the client's needs. They needed this site to demonstrate why women make better officers, get public awareness and support, and eventually get police chiefs to sign the 30x30 pledge—guaranteeing their PD's dedication to advancing women in the police force.

In addition, I created social media templates to promote testimonials from police chiefs who have signed the pledge and highlight research that supports the movement's cause.


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