Interactive Constitution

A nonpartisan tool that allows learners of all ages to engage with the text of the Constitution, and explore arguments on all sides of the constitutional debates.

User Experience, Web Design
Agency: Constructive
Client: National Constitution Center


An acessible destination for exploration

It was crucial to make this site acessible and easy to navigate for viewers of all ages. I incorporated a collapsable left sidebar to easily navigate between different articles and amendments because we found users liked the ability to jump around to different sections of the constitution. The design was intentionally minimal with only using shades of slate to allow readers to focus on the text. 


A place for debating and coming together

The hallmark feature of the Interactive Constitution is the interpretation section where scholars from both sides of the political spectrum debate every article and amendment and then come together to write a common interpretation. The design of the interpretation pages include a prominant sectional navigation so users can easily toggle between both sides. There is also a left sidebar that includes the source from the constitution so the text is always front of mind. I illustrated an icon set to explain how the interpretation section works.


Constitution in the Classroom Section

The other main section for this site is to provide educators with resources to teach the constitution. I worked closely with NCC's Education team to ensure we built a section that met their organizational needs, but also inuitive to educators' needs. The design of this section was allowed to be more colorful because of the younger demographic, so I extended the original illustration style to include more collages.


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